Today in Crazy

Let’s have a look at a very recent visitor to  our farm — just a couple days ago.  Imagine you’re peacefully polishing your teeth or you’re trying to get some blank staring done and you suddenly see this out your window:

small balloon 1

small balloon 1

Um, Hello! Over here! Everything OK?  Are you the Wizard of Oz?  We’d be happy to help.  This doesn’t look very well planned.  I’m not sure balloons in general are very well-thought out.  You almost killed our sheep… by way of fright.  But that’s OK, they’re a big pain in Bram’s ass during winter months.  I don’t think you should be flying around in winter months.  Due to the strong possibility of the liquid propane in the fuel tanks getting too cold, and therefore not generating sufficient vapor pressure to adequately feed the burner, you might crash.  Exactly like you did.  On our farm.  Are you listening!?

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